Electronic Detection Systems

We offer safe, modular and smart solutions with Electronic Detection Systems to prevent traffic violations, accidents and ensure the safety of life and property.

In Electronic Detection Systems, violations of rules are detected and transmitted to the central system via sensors and image processing. At the points where the system is applied, violations are significantly reduced.

By using cloud technology with EDS 3.0 software, 12 separate violation detection systems can be managed by a single center. Certified by accredited institutions, EDS 3.0 is the only domestic traffic violation control and detection system in Turkey that meets the international standards.

  • Updatable and expandable software/hardware architecture
  • Innovative design; ease of installation and transportation with its compact, modular and light body structure
  • User-friendly interface, quick setup
  • Ability to manage all EDS applications from a single center
  • Arranging invoice format suitable for reporting and violation type
  • Ability to develop application-specific software such as user interface, database management software, communication system
  • Compatible with all communication systems
  • Violation video recording time in the desired time range
  • 24/7 uninterrupted video storage
  • High resolution camera technology
  • Ability to apply virtual or magnetic detector using image processing technique
  • Automatic license plate recognition at 95% success rate
  • Ability to obtain information such as vehicle counting, vehicle classification, pedestrian detection, average speed with high accuracy,
  • Ensuring the security of violation images using digital signature techniques
  • Ability to take color and quality photographs of violations in low light conditions
  • Transmit violation images to the center by coding them with MPEG4, H264 etc., techniques
  • If the necessary access rights are provided, automatically connecting to the safety database and querying the address information of the vehicle (POLnet Integration)
  • Querying and reporting in conjunction with each other according to the range of license plate, intersection, date, region etc.
  • License plate recognition and identification process manually, automatically, according to movement and using sensors

Electronic Detection Systems