Accessible Pedestrian Button

Accessible Pedestrian Buttons are designed for all pedestrians to cross the street safely. Audible, vibrating and visual feedback features ensure that the pedestrians cross safely, and the passageway information plates on the side ensure that visually impaired pedestrians have information about the intersection.

Accessible Pedestrian Buttons have touch button and contactless button alternative.

  • Impact-resistant aluminum body
  • Ability to guide pedestrians with voice feedback
  • Communication with PC via USB and Bluetooth
  • Vibration feedback upon request
  • Visual feedback with illuminated button
  • Embossed arrow indicating the walking direction
  • Plates with information about the intersection in Braille alphabet
  • Ability to operate with different language options
  • Easy installation
Technical Specifications

Integrated speaker + microphone

Material: Aluminum

Receiving demand: Touch button and contactless button alternative

Housing color: Yellow

Dimensions: 350x140x98 mm

Operating Voltage: 12-36 V DC

Average/Maximum Power Consumption: 1,5W/3,6W

Operating Temperature Range: -40 ⁰C to 65 ⁰C

Protection Class: IP65

Noise: 30dB-90dB

Accessible Pedestrian Button