Pedestrian Button

A pedestrian button, developed to ensure the safety of pedestrians in traffic, can receive audio and visual feedback by receiving the request of the pedestrian to cross.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Communication with PC via USB and Bluetooth
  • Impact-resistant aluminum body
  • Touch button
  • Voice feedback
  • Visual feedback with illuminated button
  • Easy installation

Integrated speaker + microphone

Material: Aluminum

Receiving Demand: Touch Button

Housing color: Yellow

Dimensions: 140x312x70mm

Operating Voltage: 12-36 V DC / 9-27 V AC

Average/Maximum Power Consumption: 0,96 / 1,92W

Operating Temperature Range: -40 ⁰C to 65 ⁰C

Protection Class: IP65

Noise:  30dB-90dB

Pedestrian Button