Management Centers

The management centers combine separate management platforms and smart city services and provide fast and easy access to critical data by classifying them according to importance

Transportation Management Center

With the traffic cameras throughout the city, all activities in the city can be monitored 24/7 real-time, controlled and managed.

Traffic Control Center

It is the main component of traffic management in solving the increasing transportation problems of cities.

With the Traffic Control Center, it is aimed to ensure the continuity of traffic flow, usage of the road network capacity effectively, monitoring and control ling the traffic 24/7 in real time, and management of it from a single center.

  • With innovative and high-performance image processing and automatic license plate recognition technologies in violation detection technologies; detection of parking, stopping, emergency lane, wrong direction, offset scanning, pedestrian crossing and no-entry violations
  • Capturing images at the right angle with moving cameras having optical zoom mounted on a telescopic pole
  • High quality, color violation photos and video recording
  • Ability to take pictures at night with high speed, infrared PTZ cameras resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Vibration resistant, easily replaceable modular equipment
  • User-friendly functional interface
  • Automatic license plate recognition by 98% success rate
Electronic Detection System Center

It is a center where all traffic violations can be detected instantly and can be managed through central monitoring.

  • 24/7 traffic monitoring
  • Creating and archiving violation records
  • Computing statistics data for vehicle number, vehicle type, average speed, etc.
Disaster Management Center (AKOM)

It is control center established in order to overcome all kinds of natural disasters with minimum damage in cities, designed for 24/7 operation and equipped with monitoring, sound, server, control and recording systems.

Management Centers