Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems

Geographic information system is the collection, storage in a certain systematic way and proper management of spatial and non-spatial data by various methods.


• Developing a GIS-based integrated web application by collecting spatial information of all equipment including all tomb areas, headstone information, walls, roads and trees within the two pilot cemeteries (Karacaahmet and Yeni Ayazağa cemeteries).
• Integrating the existing grave deed registration information and book information with spatial data and make it ready for interrogation in the developed Web-based application.

1. Fiber Infrastructure and Communication Information System
2. Central Infrastructure Information System and 3D Urban Model Integration

1. Fiber Infrastructure and Communication Information System
Control and Identification of Communication Infrastructures
• Precise determination of the geographical location of all additional rooms.
• Collection of the data of the identified routes and additional rooms with the mobile software created.
• Transfer of collected data to spatial database.

• Spatial integration of all Central Infrastructure data with sophisticated technologies and then integration with the detailed information at hand.
• 3D modeling of collected data, display on 3D city model by creating data library of connection equipment.

• Detection of land with the help of simultaneous mobile applications with augmented reality technology.

1. 360 degree panoramic map of Istanbul
2. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality city information system, 360 panoramic map and city furniture collection project

1. 360 degree panoramic map of Istanbul
Establishment of Transport Information System Base with Mobile Mapping Method

• Street-based scaled and coordinated panoramic picture taking using mobile devices equipped with special lens camera system
• Registration of each inventory and detail information (lane information, asphalt information, signposts, signposts, signal poles, etc.) used in the field on behalf of the Transportation Information System on a spatial database by analyzing panoramic images
• Integration of the generated spatial database to the City Information System
• Performing highway transport network update works

2. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality city information system, 360 panoramic map and city furniture collection project
• In addition to panoramic image acquisition, IMU data and measurements such as metering, field, (Height, distance, measurement of any area) etc. are made available.

• By the help of the prepared mobile software, city furniture (road directions, signaling, traffic signs, etc.) can be collected and integrated on the web platform and ensured continuity.

• Integration of all collected data into the City Directory is ensured.

Drawing of the infrastructure projects of intelligent transportation systems equipment in GIS environment
• Detailed location-based recording of each material superstructure and infrastructure of the signalized intersection
• Constant updating of this information in line with the information from the teams that provide operation and programming of the intersection
• Keeping up-to-date information on the spatial data base of materials belonging to Tunnel, Communication, Measuring, Information and Imaging Systems that our company has established and maintains on behalf of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

• The UTK and UKOME decisions and the spatial data of these decisions are being served and maintained on the Web platform for the institution concerned.
• Documents and spatial data related to the decisions are shared on said web platform.