Social Projects

Traffic Training Park

The Traffic Training Park has been designed as a small city in order to provide traffic training to our children and disabled citizens. Theoretical and practical trainings are given in the presence of instructors, traffic polices and animators. The traffic training parks are established within the scope of the regulations and standards in effect and with the purpose of getting maximum efficiency and providing measurable, high quality training services and they comprise of a training field including Lateral Gateways, Vertical Traffic Signs, Signalization Systems, Pedestrian Crossings, Level Crossings, Pedestrian Pavements and similar traffic formations as well as a Training Track and a training class and laboratories. The system operates by transmitting the data that the devices installed on devices receive from GPS satellites and sensors connected to the device to the server computers through GSM/GPRS. The location and sensor data received from vehicles, the regions determines, routes and alarm definitions are processed together and information specific for your institutions is created.