Mini LED Totem

Mini LED Totem

Mini LED totem is an information screen, which is designed in order to demonstrate outdoors, all kinds of graphic-based (video, picture, animation, presentation, advertisement, corporate information, etc.) and text-based (fixed text, sliding text, effect text, etc.) applications.

• To provide instant flow of information with the digital communication network installed,
• To change the vision of the city by creating a digital information platform,
• To prevent crisis situations by providing correct and reliable information to citizens in the event of disasters, terrorist attacks etc.,
• To save fuel and time by guiding drivers to better flowing alternative routes in line with the traffic information provided,
• To prevent unnecessary vehicle circulation by informing drivers about vacancy fullness details of parking areas close the location of installation,
• To provide critical information such as the closest hospital, closest parking area, pharmacy on duty etc.,

• Traffic Density Information and Live Traffic Cameras,
• Information on Accidents and Road Conditions such as Road Construction Work, etc...
• Parking Information and Orientation,
• Instant News, Weather Conditions and Financial Information,
• Information on Nearest Hospital, Parking Area,
• Night Pharmacy Information,
• Digital Advertisements if Required,
• Public Information Announcements in Case of Disaster.

• Entries of Shopping Malls,
• Parks and Gardens,
• Road Sides and Refuges,
• Entrances of Public Institutions and Organizations,
• Squares,
• Parking Areas,
• Large Scale Intersections.

• Brightness: 6000 cd (min)
• Color: 16,7 M (Full Color)
• Pixel Range: 10 mm
• Pixel Structure: 1R1G1B
• Pixel Technology: Physical Pixel (DIP346)
• Pixel Density: 10000 pixel/m2
• Angle of View: 115°/65° (Y/D)
• Maximum Power Consumption: 850 W/m2
• LED Life: 100.000 Hours


• Outdoor LED Screen,
• Specially-designed Aluminum Casing,
• System Control Unit,
• Center and Site Software,
• Energy and Communication Infrastructure.


• Operation Temperature: -20° ~ +65°
• Operation Humidity Range: 20% ~ 90%