LED Block


LED Block is used for the purpose of transferring information such as traffic density, weather conditions, money markets, the nearest parking place or hospital location, to drivers and pedestrians.

• Industrial Outdoor Full Color LED Screen,
• High Protection Class (IP65)
• High Resolution,
• Clear Readability Under Sun (High Radiation Power)
• Wide Angle of View,
• Special Ventilation System,
• Automatic Brightness Adjustment System (According to Daylight, Optional),
• Automatic Failure Detection System (Optional),
• Automatic Temperature Tracking System (Optional),
• ADSL, G.SHDSL, Fiber or 3G Communication Infrastructure,
• Maximum Energy Efficiency (PF> 0.95).

• Pixel Range: 16 mm
• Pixel Structure: 2R1G1B
• Pixel Technology: Virtual Pixel
• Pixel Density: 3906 Pixel/m2
• Power Consumption: 800 W/m2