Traffic Signalization Systems

Traffic Signal Controller

EXPERTRA 2A9, which offers long-term and low-cost solutions in Intelligent Traffic Systems, has a microprocessor-based, modular, expandable structure. With its design compatible with adaptive operation and advanced communication infrastructure, it can be used under all kinds of weather conditions, from pole cold to desert hot. With its structure expandable up to 48 signal groups, it has the capacity to manage all types of intersections for the management of entire city traffic.

• Microprocessor based central processor unit,
• Modular structure expandable up to 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 48 groups,
• Operable in coordination with the central computer systems and/or detection systems without requiring an additional equipment,
• Operable wireless and in coordination with the current Green Wave devices connected to the local and central system,
• Inductive loop detection system. Possibility to use video detectors as alternative,
• Intersection management from the Traffic Control Center,
• Possibility to perform operational functions on LCD screen,
• Simultaneous management of 3 different independent intersections,
• Opportunity for rapid passage with police control device,
• Capacity to connect 24 loops and 6 pedestrian buttons.
• The structure to respond light railway and underground applications.

• Compatibility with the adaptive operating mode,
• Different programming option on special occasions,
• Preferred program, time and structure selection for up to 25 different time zones during a day,
• Detection of necessary failure data.

• In case of green/green overlap, being able to switching the intersection in 300 ms. into flashing mode or turning it off,
• Operable in flash mode,
• Switching the device into flashing mode in case that all red signal lights go out of order,
• Fault current protection switch,
• Detection of the failures occurring in loops by the detection unit and sending warning information to the Traffic Signal Controller,
• Protection of static electric loading
• For the communication modules, protection against interference and all kinds of signals that may come through the communication path.

• Operating Voltage and Frequency Range: 220 V AC (+15%, -20%), 50 Hz (±2%)
• Operating Temperature: -20 C, +70 C
• Relative humidity: 95%

TS EN 12675, TS HD 638 S1, TS EN 50293