IBB Navi / Smart City Navigation

Smart city navigation “İBB Navi” application was developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transportation Department and ISBAK in an attempt to efficient manage the urban traffic. Smart City Istanbul’s new road guide “IBB Navi” navigation application with user friendly features, useful functions will reach you to your destination in shortest time according to the instant traffic instesity information in Marmara Region, especially in Istanbul.


Click to download the Android version..

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Integrated with all public transport modes in Istanbul
Supporting urban mobility with environmentalist approach.
Access to IMM’s live camera videos.
Access to information of pharmacies on duty.
Parking lot locations and live occupancy information of parking lots in Istanbul.
Possibilty to navagate without internet access ( offline navigation support )
Integrated with IMM’s Transportation Systems ( traffic information, modes of transportation, AUS )
Multi-language support.