Electronic Detection System

Electronic Detection System

The EDS is the system determining vehicles violating rules through sensors, recoding number plates and issuing the tickets foreseen by the laws.
• EDS has 13 different violation detection systems.
• Prevention of accidents caused by vehicles violating rules, providing for security of lives and properties.
• The 13 different violation detection systems can be used on the same application in the center through the CLOUD TECHNOLOGY of EDS.
• Provision of maximum conformity of drivers to traffic rules by using the factor of deterrence.
• It has been designed with advanced technology features fit for our driver culture.
• It is the only domestic traffic violation inspection and detection product of Turkey in international standards and certified by accreditation bodies.
• Ability to query on basis of number plate, violation, timing and regional data,
• Number plate detection on digital image,
• Provision of safety of violation images by using digital signature techniques,
• All EDS applications can be managed from a single center
• Secure medium and reporting for all data, for which a violation record exists.


• Parametric violation video record for the time interval requested.
• 7x24 hours uninterrupted video recording,
• Renewable and extendable architectural structure
• Use of high-resolution camera technology for quality image.
• Compatible with DSL, Fiber, Wimax, 3G/4G, GSM/GPRS and RF Communication systems.
• Ability to issue the invoice format for the violation type through the Automatic Ticket Invoice, ticket summary reporting etc.
• Ability to monitor ticket violation records by using the web and smart mobile technologies,
• Ability to apply the cyber detector by using the Image Processing technique, high accuracy in data generation about vehicle numbers, vehicle classification, pedestrian sensing, average speed etc.,
• Ability to get colored and high quality violation photos at night and at low light conditions,
• Ability to keep violation images at the center and locally.
• Transmission of violation images to the center by using techniques such as MPEG4, H264 etc.
• Ability to recognize number plates of square, rectangle and different dimensions by using image processing technologies,
• Automatic connection to the law enforcement database when necessary access rights are granted and query of vehicles and address data (POLnet Integration)
• Detection of violation with high accuracy by using magnetic loop, RF, Laser and image processing techniques for violation detection technologies,
• Ability to query and report correlatively based on number plate, intersection, date and regional range,
• Process of number plate recognition and explanation can be carried out manually, automatically, according to motion and by using sensors.
• Ability to recognize number plates of records received through the central application (PTS- Automatic Number Plate Recognition System),
• It has multiple software developed specifically for the application such as user interface, database management software, communication system etc.

EDS Product has both IP 55 and IP 65 Protection Class certificates.
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Successful results were received from EDS Product EMC tests and were certified.
LVD (Low Voltage Directive)

ISBAK EDS had successfully completed the LVD tests.
The communication between all EDS system points is performed through EDS center as well as a cabled and private network. (VPN-Virtual Private Network)
• It is operated under protection and via private software and equipment in order to prevent the site software from being moved to different places.
• Powerful algorithms to prevent the software piracy (128-bit key AES Algorithm)
• Effective protection against attacks such as anti-debugging and reverse engineering with the new protection technology
• 1024-bytes privately signed licence updates.
Each image recorded by the site software is signed and encrypted by EDS software. The center software checks each image obtained for this signature. After the signature is verified, the violation image is recorded in the system.


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