Message from the General Manager

We are working with the mission of bringing all the systems that serve our country’s “Smart Cities” vision into a manageable and sustainable state


Providing the sustainability of Istanbul; which represents, with its thousands of years of history, a Great and Sophisticated civilization and preserves its prestige in every period; is also a contribution to the preservation of the existence of many cultures and civilizations it contains in itself.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; which acts with the awareness that the development in Istanbul would bring confidence also to the other countries and cities found in this geography; has carried Istanbul to quite important points both in its region and worldwide in terms of becoming a brand city by realizing projects worthy for this city, which has been the cradle of civilizations from past to present.

ISBAK – Istanbul IT and Smart City Technologies Inc.; which has proved itself to the whole world with the experience it acquired in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems and become the technological face of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; has been giving support with the permanent solutions it offers to this development Istanbul has accomplished with human-oriented and sustainable services. ISBAK; which carries out ‘Smart City Istanbul’ project, the new age vision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; has been realizing its corporate transformation also in this context and directing its works as the architecture of the future.

We, as ISBAK, have continued the journey we had started by establishing Turkey’s first domestic signalization system as an important determiner of the Intelligent Transportation Systems sector and today has undertaken the mission of bringing all the systems that serve “Smart City Istanbul” vision into a manageable and sustainable state. The “city- and human-oriented transformation understanding” lies behind the solutions we, as ISBAK, have developed in line with the technology- and innovation-based development target. With this consciousness, we have been developing innovative solutions at the first licensed R&D Center in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems operating within our organization, thus providing contribution to the establishment of sustainable and high-life quality cities.

With the strategies we have developed for smart cities, we aim to reach a more efficient, sustainable and productive society in our city as well as our country and to create a higher quality of life.


While accomplishing this, we have been taking advantage of the developing information and communication technologies in the services we offer and using “Smart City” systems in many different areas.

In order to contribute to the development of R&D activities as well as innovation, domestic production and entrepreneurship; we have been continuing our works and collaborations successfully and without slowing down.

Being gathered both with our employees and citizens of Istanbul around the purpose of transforming Istanbul into a sustainable and more livable city has a great share in rising of the acceleration of this success.

In order to offer better smart city technologies to Istanbul, to Turkey and the world; we, as ISBAK, with our new face that reflect our sustainable values from past to present, have been continuously renewing ourselves.

In this regard, we will continue to bring the future’s world to present together with the projects we have accomplished and further smart city works we will pursue.

Muhammed ALYÜRÜK

ISBAK General Manager